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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Review: Ambush - Desecrator

The first effort from the Swedish guys from Ambush, Firestorm, was one of the best debut albums of a NWOTHM band last year. Now, Oskar Jacobsson (vocals), Adam Hagelin and Olof Engqvist (guitars), Ludwig Sjöholm (bass) Linus Fritzson (drums) are back with their second album, Desecrator, and have the difficult task to deliver something as good as their previous work.

The first song is also the first single and video released by the band, Possessed By Evil. I saw the video before I listened to the album, and I think the single was a pretty good choice (far better than the one they chose to promote Firestorm). The chorus of Night of Defilers shows the high range of Oskar’s vocals, a strong element in Ambush’s sound. The title track is another great song with a chorus that will certainly work live. At this point I was convinced that Desecrator was a step ahead of Firestorm concerning how the band sounds. The former was greatly influenced by some of the 80’s bands, especially Judas Priest, while the latter still holds to these influences but with a distinct self-identity.

Chain Reaction is one of the most powerful songs in the entire album and also has interesting lyrics about the nuclear bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. South Street Brotherhood is a metal anthem that pays tribute to the place where Ambush grew up listening to heavy metal, and drinking. The mood of the song reminds me a lot of London Leatherboys (Accept). Rose of the Dawn is another one that reminds me of a classic Accept song, Fast as a Shark. The mid-tempo Master of the Seas is followed by the speed of Faster, a song that conjures bands like Raven and Riot. The progressiveness of The Seventh Seal closes the album with its 07:06 minutes.

Desecrator shows a lot more variety than its predecessor and sets Ambush as one of the great names of NWOTHM in the world.

Track Listing
1. Possessed by Evil
2. Night of Defilers
3. Desecrator
4. The Chain Reaction
5. South Street Brotherhood
6. Rose of the Dawn
7. Master of the Seas
8. Faster
9. The Seventh Seal

Written by Anderson Tiago


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