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Monday, October 5, 2015

Review: Abhorrent Decimation - Miasmic Mutation

A self released album from a London based death metal band Abhorrent Decimation. After the EP "Infected Celestial Utopia" they brought us their first full length. Positive is the production, clear, hard, fast and brutally they force the mutation upon us.

They play death metal with lots of blast beats and low grunted fierced riffed songs. It is not the question what highlight there is in a song, all of their songs are brutally great structured and will keep you sitting on your edge of the thing that keeps you off the ground. Various influences will pass the revue while listening to this great album. Lots of solo's and pounding riffs and moshing tempo's that will bang your head uncompromisingly. The quality drips from every second of listening to this master piece.

When death metal is your fave music this is a release that is sure a must have, maybe a great missing link in the death metal from the 90's with the sound of today. They did not reinvent but made death metal a bit more alive these days.

Original it is and it's a great listener. It will grab you by the throat and drags you around till the 9 songs are imprinted in your brain.

Written by Ron van Coevorden

Official website

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