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Friday, October 2, 2015

Live review: Wederganger, Heimdalls Wacht, Pox, 26 September 2015, Willemeen, Arnhem

On this haunting Saturdaynight the stage is set for three topnotch black metal bands from the underground scene. Lots of true black metal fans have gathered in Arnhem to see Wederganger’s séance: they will be playing their first full-length album: Halfvergaan Ontwaakt.

First band to hit the stage is the Belgian black metal band Pox. This band has everything you may expect from a black metal band: it’s loud, it’s fast, and the band look like they come right out of the grave. The lyrical content of their first selftitled EP focuses mainly on necromancy, which is of course a classic theme in the black metal scene, but this band looks like they’re living by it by how they look and act on stage. Even though they played a solid set, it’s not really anything new. Of course you do not have to change a genre, or create a new one, but it’s always nice to see a band do something new or slightly different. Pox doesn’t do that, but they do deliver a raw and excellent piece of black metal to the audience. I really hope to hear more of these Belgian guys!

Wederganger fans will have to wait for a little while, because the second band that plays tonight is the German band Heimdalls Wacht. After a soundcheck that seems to take ages they leave the stage, to come back five minutes later with corpsepaint smeared on their faces. And I must admit, they look a lot more impressive with their corpsepaint on! But their painted faces is not the only thing that draws the attention of the crowd. The full-speed black metal they release on the crowd leaves a mark on everyone, and they do not tend to get boring for even a second. With their harsh, up-tempo riffing and slower melodic playing these Germans know how to grab everyone’s attention from the beginning until the end.

Finally, around 10 o’clock, Wederganger gets on the stage. Along with their new album Halfvergaan Ontwaakt, they play some songs of their EP Gelderse Drek. They put on an amazing show, where they show a variety of skills in their music. It is epic, it is brutal and most of all, amazing black metal! With some alternation between clean, chanting vocals and harsh, pitch black screams this band takes it to a whole new level in a mix of atmospheric and raw black metal. The Wederganger fans are pleased in every way by this amazing Dutch band. With their final song, a Bathory cover, my evening is complete. An amazing experience which I will not forget soon. Off to the afterparty at a local pub to drink beer with the bands!

Written by Bartjan Duyster

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