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Monday, October 19, 2015

Live review: Enforcer, Wolf, Dynamite at Gebr. Nobel, Leiden, Netherlands, 14 October 2015

I arrived at the Gebr. Nobel in Leiden, the venue of the concert, earlier than expected. After a bit of waiting in the cold, the doors opened and soon after that the first opening act of the night, the Swedish guys from Dynamite, hit the stage all dressed up in leather jackets, like these were their uniform. Dynamite has so far released two albums, Lock N’Load (2013) and Blackout Station (2014), and their concert was a mix of songs from them. Strangely enough, my favorite song from their entire set, Ride Alone, is not found on either album. After some research, I learnt that they play it live since 2013, but have never recorded it. I hope they do it soon. Musically the band sounds like a modern AC/DC during the Bon Scott era, especially since their front man Mattis has a very similar voice to Scott’s – way more than anyone I’ve seen before.

Highlights: Ride Alone, Gone Wild.

The second opening act of the night was also by a band from Sweden — the veterans from Wolf. This year, the band celebrated their 20th year of dedication to Heavy Metal, and presented the crowd with a set of powerful and fast songs. They started the set with Shark Attack from their last album, Devil Seed (2014), and it continued with songs from most of their albums, including Night Stalker from the amazing Black Wings (2002), Hail Caesar and Voodoo from Ravenous (2009) and Skull Crusher from Legions of Bastards (2011). After their concert was done, I was certain I had to listen to their work more.

Highlights: Night Stalker, Hail Caesar, Shark Attack, Voodoo.

And finally, Enforcer, the headliner of the Swedish invasion in Leiden, and one of the best bands in the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal, entered the stage at full speed with Destroyer and Undying Evil from their new album, From Beyond, before playing Mesmerized By Fire from Death By Fire. What a way to start a concert! The metalheads in the crowd (not a great number of them, though) were astonished with all the raw energy coming from the stage. Their new guitar player for the European Tour, Jonte, handled well the guitar parts from Joseph Toll (unavailable to participate in this tour due to his commitment with his other band, the Black Trip). Jonte may have been a great replacement, but Toll’s backing vocals and stage presence were dearly missed during the entire set. Below the Slumber, Death Rides This Night and Katana were also great moments, but the best of the best definitely came with the classic Take Me Out of This Nightmare. They ended the show with another great song, Midnight Vice.

Just a small complaint: the sound coming from the PAs were far better during the opening acts. In the first two songs of Enforcer’s setlist, I could barely hear Olof singing. They tried to fix it and, in fact, managed to improve it, but still it was not enough.

Highlights: The entire fuckin’ set.

Written by Anderson Tiago

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