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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Interview: Ambush

This is the first Ambush interview for DutchMetalManiac. We would like to thank you for taking your time to talk to us. Can you please present Ambush to the Dutch metalheads who may not know you yet?

Ambush, the new stars on the dark sky that is Heavy Metal. Spawning from Växjö, Sweden, we play old school Heavy Metal as we think it should sound. Soon we will release our second album on High Roller records called ”Desecrator”. If you like Heavy Metal you should listen to Heavy Metal and if you listen to Heavy Metal you should listen to Ambush, cause we play Heavy Metal, haha.

Firestorm is one of the finest debuts of the NWOTHM of 2014, but people always say the second album is the hardest. Do you agree? Did you feel pressure to come up with something as good as the debut?

There is always some pressure releasing your sophomore album but it has gone so fast since we released our debut ”Firestorm” so we haven’t really thought about it. Desecrator came naturally and there’s no doubt about that it’s even stronger than ”Firestorm”. Everyone who’s heard it agrees, this is a very strong Heavy Metal album.

Although I like Firestorm a lot, I feel that the album still draws heavily from your influences while Desecrator starts to bring a far more unique sound. Did you have this in mind when you started to write songs for the new album? What were the differences in the writing process between the two albums?

The process of Desecrator and Firestorm don’t differ in any way actually. We’ve been playing for quite some time now and we are starting to find our own sound. In addition to finding our own sound our budget has been bigger than before so we’ve really had the means to find the right type of production for the album. We have to give a huge shout out to Mankan Blakk at Pama Records for producing this album, he’s done a great job!

The band manage to maintain the same line-up on the two records, which is something quite hard in most of the NWOTHM bands nowadays. Do you think this was an important step to the album’s quality?

To keep the Ambush sound and quality it has to be Ambush who makes it. Ambush isn’t Ambush without all the members. We’re a Heavy Metal-collective and everyone is needed in the process. Not just the band but also the whole Southstreet brotherhood!

South Street Brotherhood is one of the best songs of the album. I would describe it as the “London Leatherboys” from Ambush. What’s the story behind the lyrics?

Haha, yeah we have heard that before and we think thats a compliment! We wrote it because we wanted a kind of party-anthem!

Every band should have that song that turns down the seriousity and turns up the party-level!

Actually it’s a Hymn to the brotherhood in our hometown ”Växjö”. Every weekend for years we’ve gathered there, at Ludwigs place at Southstreet 39 and partied our asses of. So Southstreet brotherhood goes out to all of our boys that are our number one fans, and we’re theirs.

Judas Priest and Accept are two huge influences in Ambush’s sound but we can also feel other influences like the NWOBHM and Hard Rock. What are the main influences for the band?

Obviously Priest and Accept has influenced us from the start, they play music that we love the most but we find inspiration from our heart, you know, it’s not like we’re listening to a Priest-song and then try to write something similar. When we write music it comes from our hearts but since we love heavy metal and play in a heavy metal band it’s natural for us to write heavy metal songs…

In the mid-90’s and early 2000’s, Sweden was known for its melodic death metal scene, the Gothenburg Sound, but now a lot of great bands are coming from Sweden, such as Enforcer, Steelwing and Ambush. Why do you think so many great traditional heavy metal bands coming from Sweden recently? Was it some kind of answers from the metalheads who didn’t like these modern metal bands?

Yeah I think so, we often get that question in interviews. Sweden has got many great bands, it’s true, we’ve got many great bands but it’s important to remember that we’ve also got a shitload of rubbish bands as well. Of course this old school revival is some kind of reaction to the fact that metal bands are trying to get more and more modern. Modern metal is rubbish, we need to remember the roots of our genre and praise the metal gods. Thanks to this new wave of the old school sound this is possible.

The covers from Firestorm and Desecrator are amazing. They have the same style, but are also quite different. What’s the story behind the artwork? Do you think on creating an Ambush style of the covers?

Thank you so much. One thing that many bands seems to lack is the power of packaging. We think it’s important to keep everything we do in a special kind of ”Ambush way”. The album covers are done by the fantastic Mr. Alexander von Wieding based by sketches that I’ve made (Adam).

Both for our debut ”Firestorm” and our new album ”Desecrator” I had a clear vision in my head how I wanted it to be, colors and everything so I just drew it down on paper and then sent it to Alex who made it just great. Me and the rest of the band are so satisfied with the cover works.

Are there plans for a European Tour already? Are you going to play in the Netherlands anytime soon?

Now in November we do a small tour in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, then in March we do a longer tour together with the great band Hitten. We will release the tour dates pretty soon so keep your eyes open.

To finish the interview I would like to ask an easy question: What are your five favorite albums?

Our un-ranked lists of our top-albums are:

Judas Priest - Killing Machine.
Iron Maiden - Seventh son of a seventh son
Queen - Queen II
The Who - Who’s next
The Darkness - Permission to land

Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears
Judas Priest - Defenders Of The Faith
Accept - Metal Heart
Thin Lizzy - Black Rose
Dio - The Last In Line

Hail to thee our Dutch bretheren!
See you out there,
Adam Ace Hagelin & Linus Fritzson.

Questions asked by Anderson Tiago


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