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Friday, October 2, 2015

Gateway releasing debut album on CD

Belgium's one-man death/doom metal act Gateway will release the CD version of self-titled debut album on October 2nd 2015 through Hellthrasher Productions.

After last year’s 3-track demo “Aeternae", Gateway returns with 40 minutes of sluggish and barbaric death metal infused with ungodly doom and sludge, reminiscent of Winter, Evoken and Cianide. The album focuses on depraved tales of ritualistic horror and grotesque beings with a conceptual Medieval theme inspired by Bruges - a hometown of the project's originator and sole member, Robin Van Oyen. Compared to a digital edition, self-released on July 23th, the CD version will feature an exclusive bonus track 'Portaclus'. The track listing goes as follows:

1. Prolegomenon 2. Vox Occultus 3. Kha'laam 4. Impaled 5. Corrumpert Interludium
6. Vile Temptress 7. Hollow 8. The Shores Of Daruk. 9. Portaclus

Stream the entire release below.


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