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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tsar Bomb set to release Exterminans IX:XI on Cimmerian Shade Recordings

Blackened death metal juggernaut Tsar Bomb anticipate the imminent release of their second full length album entitled "Exterminans IX:XI" via Cimmerian Shade Recordings this September 15th.

Since 2009 Spain's Tsar Bomb have enhanced their techniques to become the nihilistic atomic monster it is today, displaying very technical, aggressive and destructive compositions that will not let listeners rest for even a moment.

On "Exterminans IX:XI" Tsar Bomb have taken inspirations from the esoteric biblical scriptures of the Book of Revelations along side well known warmongering and the occultist world of Tsar Bomb itself, all the while advocating for the complete disappearance of the human race.

-'Lucifer looks on with sadistic pleasure'-

Cover art and track listing can be found below.

Tsar Bomb "Exterminans IX·XI" CD will be available to order through the Cimmerian Shade Recordings Webshop on September 15th here.

A promotional video for the track 'Ad Maiorem Legio Gloriam' can be seen below.

1. Intro (03:01)
2. Ad Maiorem Legio Gloriam (05:13)
3. Exterminans IX·XI (04:58)
4. Septem Tonitrua (06:19)
5. Armada (Mari Bestiam) (05:01)
6. Caustic Blessing (03:07)
7. ...And Spill thy Fire Upon the Earth (04:14)
8. Mikaheylel (05:43)
9. Outro (02:58)


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