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Friday, September 11, 2015

Right Of Way Festival

It feels like the 5th edition of the annual metal festival Right of Way was yesterday. The success of this metal festival, that was organised on the terrain of music stage de Rotonde in Berkel en Rodenrijs, is still in everyone’s mind. And that´s not so surprising, since bands as The charm, the Fury, Facelifter, Primitive and Bloodsphere preformed. Can this success be exceeded? We will know for sure after the 26th of September. But it must be clear that the organizers did their best. The line-up for this year is incredible! Especially with headliner Magnacult on the festival’s poster, the 6th edition of Right of Way is unmistakable on his way for success.

On the event poster are shining eight bands, who wouldn’t out of place on the biggest festivals in Europe. ‘Faith Ablaze’ for example, probably the youngest band of all, will have a familiar sound for most metal connoisseurs. These four young boys preformed earlier in de Rotonde and gave the audience a good taste of their thrashcore metal. The whole thing is fairly groovy and the influence of bands as Korn, Metallica and Killswitch Engage is dripping of the thick riffs. Everyone who isn’t convinced of the metal quality this region has to offer, should go to Right of Way if only because Faith Ablaze will perform there.

Warmaster does exist already a little longer, but with at least as much energy as Faith Ablaze. This band started as two-man project in 2004 and played until its debut release First War in 2008 on nearly every stage in the country. After 2008 Europe got attacked with a lot of success. The old-school death metal that the band plays is hard, raw and ruthless. A must for every fan of death metal.

The guys of the band Roadkill have even more experience. Meanwhile with an established name in the region, these gentlemen play though metal for more than twenty years and with a lot of success. The fan base of the band has strongly developed over the years and you can expect a mosh pit with every performance.

Another band with a loyal fan base is Nox Aeterna, from Rotterdam. The sound of this band is solid, melodic and has Scandinavian influences. Especially with their latest album The Desperation Deal the four guys and one lady took everyone’s attention. Metal magazines Aardschok, Lords of Metal, Zware Metalen and even a few international magazines were unanimous positive about this band. The band is best live. The shows are vivacious and loud! For ten years this band give performance after performance, which people talk about for a long time.

The name Rise Upon Fortunes shines on the Right of Way poster. This band isn’t very known by people, but exists of six veterans of the business. Rise Upon Fortunes is called by some connoisseurs as a band that took the heavy duty on it of bringing new life into the Dutch metal core-genre. The songs are loud, fast, aggressive and technical very gifted. These gentlemen are trying very hard to make an established band out of Rise Upon Fortunes. Seeing this band on the metal festival is a wonderful opportunity!

Another band that tries to bring the national metal core back is Kill the Innocent from Luxembourg. These five men can call themselves one of the best metal bands of Luxembourg, with an unknown passion for playing their sharp riffs and raw lyrics live. The audience of the festival will definitely create a mosh pit when they perform.

The band Seita is great as well and is a big band. In their own words they say they are inspired by everything what’s human suffering, completed with their own experience. Seita has been to every big festival in Europa. Zwarte Cross and Metal Bash Open Air for example. Likewise the band played as a supporting program for Sepultura, Six Feet Under and Soufly in Europe. They are currently writing very hard on their second album. Title suggestions for their album are still welcome. Of course the band wanted to visit Berkel en Rodenrijs and the organisation can be proud of it.

The unprecedented headliner of this year’s Right of Way 2015 is the band Magnacult. The name of this band from Amsterdam is very known by most metal lovers. For the people that hid under a stone: Magnacult distinguish itself in creating unknown thrash- and death metal and gets the audience crazy every time. This has also led to Magnacult being the supporting program of Five Finger Death Punch. The energy that this band brings the audience is rare, but is always a guarantee for an unforgettable night. Right of Way couldn’t wish for a better band this year that is for sure.

After reading this article it’s for sure that Right of Way is the only place where Dutch metal fans can show their faces on September 26. For more information like ticket sales and reachability you can check out The Right Of Way Festival Facebook page.

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