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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Review: Sergeant Steel - Riders Of The Worm

Wow! Finally some good old-fashioned hard rock and what am I glad to hear it! If you are into fancy electronic noises and other cheap tricks, which you can find in every pop rock Gaga top 40 song nowadays, then you might want to steer clear of Sergeant Steel. From the moment I turn on the album I get that wonderful feeling of being back in the eighties again. Granted, the intro of “Silverspoon” bares a mighty resemblance to Journey’s “Faithfully” and the intro from the ballad “Where My Heart Is” makes me think of “Bed of Roses” by Bon Jovi, but that doesn’t really matter. Because when singer Phil Vanderkill opens his mouth it becomes clear that this band has its own style of interpreting hard rock in an original and positive way.

The album has a lot of songs that are up-tempo and there isn’t much room for breaks. With just two ballads and of course the beautiful instrumental track “Samsara”, it is all the rest you are getting. But hey, who needs rest on an album such as this.

Samsara is a beautiful track nonetheless. Although I do think it is placed too far near the end of the album. In my opinion it should’ve been placed in the middle, with its thirteen songs it would serve as a nice break from all the heaviness halfway in the record.

Vanderkills’ vocals have a strong presence and have the tendency to make fun of rock bands in the eighties era. Influence by Alice Cooper is unmistakable and a scream by the likes of Sebastian Bach or Steven Tyler, let’s just see Vanderkill knows how to scream where there needs screaming!

And the guitar stuff? Well, I can be very short about this, it rocks like it’s supposed to. A lot of shredding is involved and the solos are great and long. The drums are really good and stand out when they need to.

The fact that these guys already have three records is no wonder at all! It’s a great album to listen to, especially for people like me who sometimes wish they were born a little earlier that want something new other than those dusty classics that we still listen to every day!

Written by Glenn van der Heijden

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