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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Review: Necroblaspheme - Belleville

I haven't had the opportunity to hear bands from the French metal scene except for Gojira , Gorod and Kalisia. And Necroblaspheme was a kind of a shock for me. I have never heard of them, even though they exist for almost 15 years. When I started to listen to the album I was blown away.

I was not aware that this was a death metal band. It sounded so strange, so different from what I listened for years on the opening tracks for death metal albums. It was a great atmospheric track, quite unexpected for me. It had all the right components to make a great intro song, but also some not so frequent feature like the clean guitars in the beginning. The entire album is in that nature. A great, epic song with the classical death metal arrangement filled with heavy riffs, blast beats, growling vocals and a full range of tempos, followed with a small and short atmospheric track with little or no instruments.

The astonishing thing about this album is that all of the instruments are clearly audible, and all the notes being played are also clear even in the atmospheric arrangements. The sheer amount of dissonant chords make the songs all the more pleasing for the listener and the healthy amount of blast beats make it a really tempo driven album. I quite liked the tone of the guitars and the bass in the album mixing, as well as the stand out moments in the song where the bass is clearly audible in combination with clean guitars. The vocals used a great variety of techniques from almost clean sounding vocal, through growls and a brief use of gutturals, and are used with great dexterity to emphasis the song parts to the fullest. That kind of use is a thing not normally see on a death metal record, and it only gives an even bigger boost to the overall sound.

This is one of the rare records on which I don't have a real complaint to make, except for not hearing about this band earlier in my life. The mixing of the album is great and a lot of people should make a note as to how it is done properly. The songs are complex and give something new in every moment of them not leaving anything to be predicted. The lyrics show the amount of work put into them, and the interesting thing is that there is a song in French. Most bands make a song with a French name and make it an instrumental song, but not Necroblaspheme, they did the whole package.

This certainly made me wonder what the band will make in the future and also to seek their older albums to listen. I would warmly recommend to all people who like death metal with a little atmosphere to listen to this masterpiece.

Written by Nikola Milošević


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