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Monday, September 28, 2015

Review: Monster Magnet - Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)

A name like this band creates the expectation of making wild and aggressive music. Can they make these expectations come true? The band is from New Jersey (USA) and is formed in 1989, fusing a template born of metal, punk, space rock and psychedelic influences. They signed their first contract in 1992 and made ten albums since then. Cobras and Fire (The Mastermind Redux) is their 11th album.

The first song is called ' She Digs That Hole' and it starts really slow. I think it's nice that they laugh at the start. It gives it something familiar. The voice of singer Dave Wyndorf is really nice to listen to. The song sounds a little like the old days. I can't really explain it, so you should just listen to the song! I think it's a big plus that Wyndorf can sing pretty clear and I can understand what he sings. The whole album is pretty calm, but maybe that is because it's American Stoner Rock. It's not metal, but you can listen for hours to it. Onto the next song! It's called 'Watch Me Fade' . It sounds really retro in the start, due to a electronic keyboard. The keyboard goes really well with the guitar. This song is also the first song where there is a little screaming. The song ends with a a lot of screaming and you are getting more and more excited for the next song. The song 'Mastermind' has an Indian tint at first and I was kinda scared it was going to be a Indian-themed song. Luckily, this band knows how to surprise their listeners. The song turns out to be a nice song that rocks! The rest of the album sounds really good too!

The album cover is a little weird. It looks like a bedroom, but I cannot find any connection to the band nor the album. I'm kinda disappointed by that.

The album is filled with ten numbers:
1) She Digs That Hole
2) Watch Me Fade
3) Mastermind
4) Hallucination Bomb
5) Gods and Punks
6) The Titan
7) When Planes Fall From The Sky
8) Ball of Confusion
9) Time Machine
10) I live Behind the Paradise Machine.

My expectations from the start didn't come out. I thought a band with a name like 'Monster Magnet' would have really wild and aggressive songs, but it isn't. But I do like the music. It's great to listen to when you are doing some work or studying.

Written by Bente Vroomans

1 comment:

  1. the album cover is actually Dave Wyndorf's attic, his so called "fortress of solitude"