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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Review: Leaves' Eyes - King Of Kings

King Of Kings is the sixth studio album from Leaves Eyes. Their last album came out 2 years ago, can they pull of again a great album?

Kings of Kings is the new album of Leaves Eyes. The album starts strong with a symphonic opening to start the atmosphere for this whole album. The thirth song start with a viking battle horn and battle beats before the beautiful vocals kick in. This song is also the first song that features the "beauty and the beast"vocal. This really adds a dark undertone to this song. "Vengeance Venom" is a song that is really catchy and rythmic. Their closing track starts with a intro that does you think of middle east fests. Leaves Eyes had definitely kept the best song for the last. It doesn't go out of your head anymore.

The band Leaves Eyes has a good vibe by all their albums, but this is definitely my favourite album so far. If you like symphonic metal go listen to them they are worth listening!

01. Sweven
02. King Of Kings
03. Halvdan The Black
04. The Waking Eye
05. Feast Of The Year
06. Vengeance Venom
07. Sacred Vow
08. Edge Of Steel
09. Haraldskvæði
10. Blazing Waters
11. Swords In Rock

Written by Nathasja Voerman

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