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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Review: King Of The North - Sound The Underground

Starting out with a drum riff that immediately goes into a sleazy guitar riff that reminds me of AC/DC, the album is off with a good start with "It's Been Too Long". The drums kinda remind me of Airbourne, and the band really goes well together, giving all the members enough room to shine.

The second track, "Into Your Eyes", strongly reminds me of Kyuss, but a bit more melodic. The bass and the guitar give a very psychedelic vibe during the solo, where the drum goes more towards the background to keep the groove going.

The groove keeps kickin' untill the 4th track (called "Paradise") where it starts slowing down a bit, to kick in louder during "Surrender" with some heavy riffage and an offbeat drum.

The rest of the album keeps the pace, and what stands out the most is the contrast between the high, raw vocals and the instruments that are mostly played in the lower key.

The 8th song of the album, "Ruby", has this "beautiful-lady-walking-into-the-pub" feel that makes it stand out.

The 10th song, "The Shrine" turns the tempo down once again, and has riffs that remind me of Electric Wizard, and the vocals add a bit of a Black Sabbath-like vibe to the sound. The breakdown at 3/4 of the song has a slight Pink Floyd-ish vibe, that quickly goes back to the heavier sound of the rest of the song.

The last track is a great end to a satisfying album, where you'll indeed feel that you "Just Wanna Rock N Roll" to their dual vocalisation and solo's.

Overall conclusion, if you're a fan of 70's/80's hardrock, desert rock bands like Kyuss, Orange Goblin or Electric wizard, or pub rock like AC/DC and Airbourne, I would recommend this album, especially on a roadtrip or when you're having a beer or a smoke with your friends.

Written by Gijs de Wolff


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