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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Review: Khristenn Corpse - Bloodmiracle demo

The Venezuelan Kristenn Corpse has before this demo released an earlier demo "The Kristenn Corpse" and after this demo a full release on Misanthropic Spirit Records "Grotesque", so this is an older release of the band.

Musically it lies in the older Dimmu Borgir, not really reaching borders or exceptionally good. The symphonic black metal they play is just a bit on the cheesy side. The first line from this paragraph says enough, what could have been their strenght is now a bit of their weakness. The thing with symphonic black metal is that it is just milked dry and that is so difficult to stand out, so this is a release that doesn't stand out.

One thing that is a bit standing out is the drums, the brightest side of this release.

The demo contains three songs and two live songs (first song without keyboards)

Written by Ron van Coevorden


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