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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Review: Jackson Firebird - Shake The Breakdown

Jackson Firebird. A band with two guys called Brendan Harvey and Dale Hudak, bringing you some great Australian rock & roll tunes on their second record 'Shake The Breakdown'. No, they are not another Airbourne or AC/DC. This band delivers a mix of stoner rock, glam from the Crüe and heavy grooves. Or you could just call it 'Mohawk Bang!' The first track on the album that sets the tone for the whole record. Heavy and raw guitars that are blasting through your speakers.

The second song is called 'Get Away'. This song will be perfect for the live shows. It contains a lot of energy and with a little touch of Kurt Cobain in the vocals this could even attract some grunge fans.

'New Wave' is number three on the disc and a bit faster than the first two songs. This one reminds me a bit of the band 'Black Bone' which is not a bad thing. The ending of the song is a full on blast which should have been in the whole song.

That short blast continues in 'High Love'. A track with a short length of only 2:45 minutes. What can I say about this song? Shake it!

Track five is called 'Sin For Your Lovin'. It starts with a damn fine guitar tune and nice groovy drums. So far the best song on the album. "With your arms in the air like you just don't care". This track needs to be played loud, with your arms in the air and with a lot of friends.

'Fat Bottomed Girls', with distorted vocals this song isn't the best one. It kills the great groovy vibe of the other songs. The guitar playing makes it a bit better though. After this one we go on with 'Devil's Door'. Back on track with the rest of the album. A song to grab your beers and go nuts with your air guitar. Or just drive on a high way with the window open and bang your heads.

Are you ready for some 'Voodoo' love? Another track with a grungy vibe that fits perfect on this record.

'Headache Mantra' kinda sounds like it was a bit inspired by Rage Against The Machine. With clean singing vocals that crossover into "rap" you would almost this is a "nu-metal" band. It shows that this band has a lot of inspiration from different bands.

Track ten is 'Sick n Tired'. Guitars flowing through your speakers and some really nice calm vocals make this song perfect. With some parts going a little faster this is by far the best one on the album. A great song for pubs or a soundtrack to a movie/tv show like 'Sons of Anarchy'.

'The Clapping Song', back to the future. This almost sounds like a modern 60's rock & roll song. 'Shake The Breakdown' is the last track on this album. Another heavy distortion in the guitar and heavy drums makes this one a perfect ending track. Just past the middle of the song it goes faster and you could create a nice pit during the live shows.

Written by Dennis Krohne

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