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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Review: Huntress - Static

Huntress is:
Blake Meahl – Lead guitars
Jill Janus – Vocals
Tyler Meahl – Drums
Eli Santana – Rhythm guitars

The new Huntress album, Static, is the third full-length album of the band.
The music itself is really not that bad as most reviewers say, yet there’s literally nothing what I haven’t heard before. Plus, the vocals don’t fit with the music. They sound more like a pop-punk band like Icon for Hire, yet not nearly as clean.
Jill also screams sometimes on songs, but that is just plain bad.

The lyrics of the album are mostly about self-struggles, except for ‘Four Blood Moons’.
The idea of making heavy metal with depressing lyrics would not be my idea, but if you do, please Jill, put some more emotion in your vocals!
Back to ‘Four Blood Moons’, that song is about the apocalypse, or something like that, and it is (as you might imagine) a bit out of the line. That doesn’t say anything about the song, because this song is pretty good, it has some guitar solo’s which are actually pretty cool.

‘Static’ has sometimes cool guitarwork (like in ‘Four Blood Moons’), yet it isn’t innovative or original. The riffs are simple, and change too much from heavy metal to doom metal on some songs. It doesn’t strike with the ‘heavy metal image’ of the band.

I haven’t heard any older albums, but after hearing this one, I’m sorry, I won’t listen to them. It was just boring to listen to the album. Now, I don’t say that fast, but it’s the truth.

Nonetheless, you might like this album if you’re really into female fronted emo/poppunk music and you want to try something a little bit harder.

Rating: 4/10

Written by Daan van Doorn

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