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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Review: Hellbros - Hellbros

Hellbros is: Peter Jurt on vocals and guitar, his brother Christian Jurt on the guitar, Josh Roy on drums and vocals and Mat ‘Spag’ Collins on bass and also on vocals. As they say on their own website, they are a high-energy quartet that blast out kick-ass rock anthems that will rock your socks off. I do not entirely agree with that last statement, but hey, it’s about promoting their music and this is a nice description.

I have no idea why, but the songs on this selftitled album match a lot with the 2012 release ‘Goodtime Machine’. But, as I haven’t heard that release of these Canadian rockers, I will get down to some of the songs on this album. The first song, Street Party, instantly gives me a party-feel. It starts of with a nice, hardrock-like ‘heeeeeell yeaaah!’, which sets the tone for almost the entirety of this album. This song is something like a summary for the rest of the album: it has the party screams, the cool riffs and the catchy chorus, nice guitarsolo-work and a groove that only makes you want to party.

The highlights on this album for me are Dead City Rockers, Father Time, and Tombstone. These songs also contain those key ingredients, which I mentioned before: party screams, cool riffs and catchy choruses, especially on Dead City Rockers. Just listen to this song 3 times and you know the lyrics.

Another highlight for me was #8, Terminator. It starts very punk-like, and even though it’s a very short song (which is also very punk!), it’s such a powerful song! The drums, bass, guitarwork and vocals are all in place, and in a perfect blend they create one of the most interesting songs on this album.

After this song, there’s Trespassing By Night and Shoot The Horse. Both of these songs are less interesting than the rest, because they lack the partyvibe of all the other songs. When I was listening to this record and I heard these songs, my first thought was: ‘what’s with the guitarsolo’s?’. Even though these songs are not that party-related as the songs before on this album, these tracks contains some amazing solo’s that indeed will rock your sock off!

So, invite your friends, get a lot of beer, put on this cool album and party your ass off!

Written by Bart-Jan Duyster

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