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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Review: Diemonds - Never Wanna Die

The third release of this Canadian 5 piece band is "Never Wanna Die" and they make hard rock as pure as it gets.

Motley Crue meets Alice in Chains with a female lead singer.

They are skilled musicians and that is from the first second hearable. Their sound is with Pirya Panda the female singer that throws a great throat with the perfect voice they are a bit different then the other bands from this genre with male lead singers.

So the road that they are travelling is already from 2008 and with a lot of shows with famous bands from the hard rock genre further like Guns & Roses and many more are making this band a steady fish in the pond of hard rock.

For the likers of the hard rock genre this is a great release, with the writing, the structures and playing is nothing wrong. Great producer means quality all over and an easy listener in the end is the result of the ten songs that Diemonds throws over us with "Never Wanna Die".

Written by Ron van Coevorden


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