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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Review: Deathstorm - As Death Awakes

Deathstorm is:
Mac – Vocals, Bass
Mani – Drums
Ferl - Guitars

First of all, the album art gave me personally a wrong impression of the music. If I saw this album in a record store, I’d think it would be early death metal or symphonic black metal.

When I start listening to this release, I’m getting a blast. The music is heavily influenced by Kreator: it’s fast, heavy, and variable. A lot of different riffs in one song, and pretty impressive drumwork. A lot of rolls, which makes me happy every time.
Yet, the shrieking vocals are the most noticed sound on this album, and I love it. It sounds desperate ├índ agressive! The songs are all very different, so it doesn’t get boring.

The further the album proceeds, the more melodic it gets. That is in my opinion their best style, which comes to a climax at ‘Nihilistic Delusion’, my new favourite song on this album.

The lyrics on the album are all about death and darkness, which in some cases gets a little cheesy. Yet not on this album. It worked out pretty good, except for ‘Visions of Death’. I liked the music, yet the lyrics were just not of a quality which matched the music.

I got surprised at song #7, because that’s an instrumental song. I expected it to be acoustic, a fine intermezzo. Well, that was not the case. Deathstorm keeps surprising me. It started as the expected acoustic intermezzo, but later on the instrumentals come in. The riffs on the second part of the song are really awesome, they throw in a pretty rad solo, but I’m just missing something. The vocals if you get my drift.
Instrumental thrash metal, it’s different. I am personally not a fan of it, but it’s not bad, not bad…

Recap: If you like thrash from the 80’s, if you want your music fast, if you like vocals where you can hear the vocal cords squeak, check Deathstorm out!

Written by Daan van Doorn


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