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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Review: CETI - Brutus Syndrome

Although I am usually not very fond of making comparisons between bands, because I genuinely think that every band is original in its own way, there can be no denial of the fact that metal giants Iron Maiden have been of great influence to this band. Despite that little fact however, there is a lot of originality to be found on this album. For example, the quick and catchy guitar riff from “Wizards of the Modern World” and the threatening spooky grunts and keyboard in the song “Devil Made Me Do It”.

Another great example of the bands’ originality is the intermezzo preceded by the guitar solo in “The Evil and the Troy”. With these clever displays of skill and resourcefulness, the band tries to be different from other bands in the genre. And with success. The beautiful ballad “Somethin' More” shows that the band can come out of its comfort zone by showing that doing a ballad doesn’t make them any less “Metal”. If you have been around as long as CETI has been, there’s no need to invent the wheel for a second time, you just need to decorate the wheel enough to keep people interested. CETI understands this all too well, on top of being able to execute it in a very passionate and professional manner.

Important to name is the amazing guitar work as well as the very tight drums which are really spot on. They match together so good that it fits perfectly as a whole. And what am I glad to hear those beautiful guitar solos which seem to be forgotten in many corners of metal music. It’s good to know that a band such as this one can still surprise me after being in the business this long. Hopefully this means that there are many more albums to come!

Written by Glenn van der Heijden

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