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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Review: Burning Saviours - Boken Om Förbannelsen

Eight years after releasing their last album, Swedish band Burning Saviours comes with a new album, which is actually a collection of four singles. But that is just details. What about the music?

The music sounds a lot older than those eight years, more likely forty years! The band produces heavy metal with vast roots in the ‘70s. The music rocks like the early years of Black Sabbath, Pentagram and Led Zeppelin. This is both a compliment and a shortcoming. The album is great for lovers of early heavy metal/heavy rock: pushing rhythms, slower parts with more room for acoustic instruments, a little folk sound here and there. However, the album brings nothing that has not been heard in the scene. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily, the guys do what they like best and they do it well. Singer Mikael Monks sometimes wants to pitch a bit too high though, a shortcoming that could have been evaded. The band describes itself as doom metal/70’s rock, but the doom only comes in at the background. Some stoner-influences can be heard, though.

The lyrics should probably give this doom-feel: Song titles like I Am Lucifer, The Nightmare, Förbannelsen (the curse), the lyrics are quite dark, but the music is still as described above.

Then there is the interesting thing of language. Most bands choose to go for either English or their mother tongue, or all in English and one in their own language. Burning Saviours chooses for a Swedish album title and two songs in Swedish, the other six songs are in English. This makes me, as a listener a bit confused sometimes. Just when you are used to the Swedish lyrics it changes to English and in the last song back to Swedish again. Would the album feel different if it had been in one language only? It is actually quite refreshing to have the atmosphere of Iron Butterfly with such a different tongue, in their last song Hon Dansade Med Döden (they dance with the dead).

So the final verdict? If you like 70’s heavy rock/metal, go for it! If you like to explore new ways of (heavy) metal? Go the other direction.

Written by Martijn Bakker


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