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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Review: Blobfish Killer - Blobfish Killer

Very few times have I heard a band name as weird as this one. But you know what? It kind of works! What kind of name is still available, anno 2015. So, this French metalcore / noiserock / nu-metal formation released this record also named Blobfish Killer all by them selves and they stun people with noise and harsh sounds.

Album cover was designed by Toto Nawak design and the logo was designed by Chris Moyen. Guess what, the logo is a killer blobfish! I wonder what they used in advance before they came up with this name.

Critics mark this band as a metalcore band and maybe they even self proclaim the title of a metalcore band. I think this album or EP (15 minutes long) is far more diverse than metalcore is. It also has a harsh hardcore punk sound to it because it is relentless and unlike metalcore it doesn’t hold back a lot on moments where they can shine. The music itself can also be described as noise rock or noise core what ever you want to call It now a days. Especially the track ‘Erotic Palace’. The nice mixture of big, fast riffs with a lot of pinch harmonics works good for the overall sound of the band because the guitar tone is so raw Gordon Ramsey would probably scream at Blobfish Killer.

Blobfish Killer is probably not going to be your new favorite band but it sure is something you can turn on at a party and everyone will go ‘fuck yeah, what’s this music dude?’ They are absolutely not re-inventing the wheel but Blobfish Killer’s self titled album is a solid release by an underground band.


Written by Joost van der Leij


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