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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Review: Black Tongue - The Unconquerable Dark

Downtempo and heavy as fuck, two terms you don't see in one sentence that often, but both terms fit in describing the music Black Tongue make. They will release their newest album The Unconquerable Dark on September 4th through Century Media Records.

Downtempo rhythm sections who are very heavy and low-tuned, just as the guitars. Alex Teyen vocals are switching from hardcore-like shouting to low growls like in death/doom. Those vocals would perfectly fit into a deathcore or death/doom band, but Black Tongue have made it into their own style. Drums and bass are so heavy, it isn't normal and the guitarists are also doing their job very well. The song L'appel du Vide starts really uptempo, but quickly turns into the more downtempo music we hear on this album.

It all fits perfectly and Black Tongue's music can't be described with one, two or even three genres. It is just Black Tongue and you have to experience it for yourself. Turn on those speakers and blow your neighbors away.

All together, Black Tongue have made a phenomenal album, which is very recommend. Don't expect much speed, but it still is heavy as fuck.

Written by Tim van Velthuysen


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