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Friday, September 11, 2015

Re-Armed embarking on tour of China

Finnish death metallers Re-Armed are set to embark on the 'Territorial Expansion: China Tour 2015' this month. Dates are as follows:

09.24 Chongqing 重慶/堅果俱樂部 Nuts Livehouse
09.25 Chengdu 成都/小酒館 Little Pub
09.26 Kunming 昆明 MAO Livehouse
09.27 Changsha 長沙 4698 Livehouse
09.28 Wuchang 武昌 VOX
09.29 Nanchang 南昌/黑鐵 Black iron Live
09.30 Luoyang 洛陽/喜堂 Xitang
10.01 Tianjin 天津/派 Party Live
10.02 Hefei 合肥/玩石音樂節 Play Rock festival
10.03 Shijiazhuang 石家莊/星光音樂節 Starlight Festival
10.04 Huhehaote 呼市/蔓延 Manyan Livehouse
10.05 Jinchang 金昌/岩 Rock Livehouse
10.06 Jiayuguan 嘉峪關 11 Livehouse
10.07 Wuwei 武威/南巷酒吧 South Lane Bar
10.08 Xining 西寧/南牆 The South Wall Livehouse
10.10 Guangan 廣安/小酒館 Little Pub

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