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Friday, September 18, 2015

Power Theory's Driven By Fear - cover, tracklist, release date: 9th October 2015

The release date of the Power Theory album „Driven By Fear“ on CD is October 09th, 2015. The pre-order phase will start on September 25th, 2015 in the webshop of Pure Steel Records.

Since their debut album „Out Of The Ashes...“ from 2011 the US power/heavy metal group Power Theory from Pennsylvania/USA have signed a record deal with us. Three years after „An Axe To Grind“ we now release the third act „Driven By Fear“.
Also on their actual long player the quintet stay true to their roots. The new singer Jeff Rose (Metadox, ex-Livesay) convince with a powerful, aggressive and also harmonic voice, no real headbanger will dislike. Melodic guitar solos, epic sing along parts, pounding doublebass drumming in the ancient „Painkiller“ tradition and strong riffs up to Thrash influenced parts: in here, everything is included, a traditional „Metal heart“ loves. Produced by Carlos Alvarez and executive producer by no one else than Accept bassist Peter Baltes, the sound on the album is full of authenticity, energy and power.

„Driven By Fear“ is the masterpiece of their career!

1. Spinstress
2. Long Hard Road
3. Driven By Fear
4. Truth Shall Set You Free
5. Dark Eagle
6. Break the Glass
7. Don't Think Twice
8. Cut & Run
9. Beyond Tomorrow / After the Fall (Reprise)
Total Playing Time: 38:22 min

Rob Ballinger – guitars, backing vocals
Alan D'Angelo – bass, backing vocals
Nick Bunzck – studio & live drums
Jeff Rose – vocals
Nygil Hoch – guitars

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