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Friday, September 18, 2015

Party.San Metal Open Air confirms Exodus, Nifelheim and Implore

Party.San Metal Open Air is very pleased to present you 3 new bookings for their festival in 2016. The ticket pre-sale starts October 1st here! Be quick and get a early bird shirt for free + you can choose from different tickets bundles.

They are more then pleased to announce the booking of the mighty Bay Area thrash metal titans Exodus. Formed in 1981 by singer Paul Baloff, guitarists Gary Holt and Kirk Hammett, bassist Geoff Andrews and drummer Tom Hunting, Exodus were heavily influenced by Motörhead and new wave of British heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden and Raven, whose lessons they combined with the raw, D.I.Y. aesthetic of the prolific Bay Area punk scene to create thrash metal. Albums like “Bonded by Blood”, “Fabulous Disaster” and “Tempo of the Damned” speak for themselves. By the way: Steve “Zetro” Souza is back on vocals!

Official website

Who do you think of when you think of Swedish black metal? Many answers could be given to that question anywhere from Bathory, Dissection, Watain or Marduk. Well, never forget about Nifelheim! Nifelheim, a five piece black metal outfit hailing from Sweden is busy crafting some of the most high octane, entertaining and evil black metal in the underground since 1990. We welcome them back to Party.San Metal Open Air 2016. Don’t miss them!

Official website

Do you like crusty, Boss HM-2 tinged guitar-tones? You like your music fast and brutal? Well, Implore is rising in the global crust/grind/death metal scene as fast as cauliflowers in a field. In their two years existence and several releases under their belts they already toured around the globe. The Swedish styled saw buzzing guitar parts are feeding your brains as Entombed and Swedish grindcore acts like Nasum did in the past. Pure energy and raw power. Enjoy the band live at Party.San Metal Open Air 2015.


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