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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New video from Lucifer's Child released

With a release date of the 25th September for "The Wiccan", the debut full-length album from Lucifer's Child, the project of George Emmanuel (Rotting Christ, ex-Chaostar) and Stathis Ridis (Nightfall), a video for the track "Lucifer's Child" has debuted today on Metal Hammer UK. The video was directed and produced by the band and can be seen here.

Basing their sound on classic Greek Black Metal, Emmanuel (guitars) and Stathis (bass), together with Marios Dupont on vocals and Nick Vell on drums, have created a band that performs music that has been created with the intention of serving as an introduction to the atmosphere surrounding the act of "Summoning". With a sound that ranges from the heavier end of the musical spectrum to mid-paced, the intention is to create a unity between the spiritual ideas expressed within each song and the music itself, thereby not only giving the listener an insight into how electrifying Black Metal can sound, but also a sense of spiritualistic energy.

With artwork by Stathis Ridis' AmazeMe Design company, "The Wiccan" was recorded in Athens, Greece in 2014 and is available to pre-order in either CD or digital format direct from Dark Essence Records here.

Track listing for the eight-track album is as follows:
1. Hors de Combat
2. A True Mayhem
3. Spirits of Amenta
4. He, who Punishes and Slays
5. King ov Hell
6. The Wiccan
7. Lucifer’s Child
8. Doom

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