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Friday, September 18, 2015

Machinergy officially began writing new material for the next full-length

Portugal's based trio Machinergy announces the writing for a new record has began. "We are really looking forward to start shaping the new songs, new ideas. The third album is important, is where you establish your style, your sound.", Rui Vieira [vocals and guitar] says.

About the direction of the new material, Rui unveils a little more: "We want to introduce new dynamics, new sounds and ambiances in our music. The drafts we're working on, already denote some personality and individuality between them. I think there will be some (good) surprises!"

Machinergy has so far released two studio albums, "Rhythmotion" [2010] and "Sounds Evolution" [2014]. About a date to release the new record, Rui states: "2016 will be the year of our tenth anniversary, so it would be nice we could make it on time, but it's early to know that."

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