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Friday, September 4, 2015

Lunar Mantra set release date for Invictus debut

Once again, Invictus Productions reveals a stalwart newcomer who'll be soon spoken of far and wide: Lunar Mantra and their debut mini-album, Genesis, set for international release on October 30th. That this debut recording - the UK trio's very first - is titled Genesis is not without significance, as this five-song, 35-minute work marks the very beginning of a sumptuous soundworld. Anchored firmly within a framework of black metal but suffusing their thrust with generous amounts of dark ambient, Lunar Mantra verily approximate their moniker: forged under fire and water, their music acts as a visionary guide and aural journal of the arcane steps we take, undergoing metamorphosis of divine evolution. The Art fortified by praxis leads us with Her withered hand in divine inspiration, channeling evocations of the Threshold, and darkest thought-forms of man - a nightside odyssey through the formless void, forever expanding outward and downward. Genesis is the ethereal vibration coursing through teeth-gnashing intensity, stoic composition tempting the far corners of madness, hysteria tempered but never forgotten. Lunar Mantra have taken their first steps, and beckon you along into their Genesis... Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Lunar Mantra's Genesis
1. Ingress Thy Web Hast Spun
2. Stellar Catacombs
3. Wealth Has Become the Shrines of Azazel
4. Xanthotic Madness
5. Ecstacy of Igression


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