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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Killen announce reunion with drummer Carl Canedy (The Rods/Canedy)

New York cult heavy metal band Killen has officially reunited and joined forces with legendary drummer / producer Carl Canedy (The Rods / Canedy).

The band will showcase their new electrifying line-up in Europe at the 2016 Headbangers Open Air festival in Germany with other European and US tour dates to be announced shortly.

Drummer Carl Canedy comments: Killen has recorded in my studio many times over the years, so I've known and am very familiar with their music. I'm very excited to be able to play these songs live during future shows in Europe and the United States. Long live true heavy metal...

Killen guitarist Mitch Thylacine comments: We are psyched and honored to have Carl behind the kit. Carl's a monster on the drums and a metal icon.

The original debut self titled album "Killen" was recently re-mixed, re-mastered and re-released on CD and vinyl by Greece based record label Sonic Age Records / Cult Metal Classics in summer 2015. The new CD comes with new cover artwork, the "Restless is the Witch" EP bonus tracks and a 20 page booklet which includes rare photos / lyrics and full band history.

1. Scream In The Night
2. Challenge Of Eternity
3. The Marauder
4. Soldiers In Steel
5. Victima
6. Stricken By Darkness
7. Metal Meets Metal
8. Behind The Gate Of Purgatorious
9. Killeness (Blandus Interitus)
10. Scream In The Night (Live)
11. Victima
12. The Resurrection
13. Vampire
14. Birth Of A King
15. The Marauder (Live)

A 100 copy limited edition Box Set is also being released by Sonic Age Records / Cult Metal Classics during October 2015. The massive collectors set includes CD and vinyl copies of the re-mixed / re-mastered Killen album along with a poster and t-shirt.

Killen guitarist Mitch Thylacine has provided the following update about the re-released debut cd / vinyl album:
I busted my ass working tirelessly locating and restoring the original up, punching up and re-mixing the original tracks for a clearer more powerful sound without compromising the integrity of the original recording so it sounds much more how it was intended to from the beginning.
I had not listened to these tapes in over 25 years. They brought back a lot of memories of being kids in a studio for the first time recording our debut LP.
With the technology available today I was able to unbury and EQ a lot of the sound as well as being able to use some alternate takes especially on the vocal tracks which would have been impossible in 1986. I enjoyed working on the tracks and hopefully the fans will enjoy the results on the newly available CD and vinyl album.

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