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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

In Twilight's Embrace stream The Grim Muse in full at

A week before it hits the streets, 'The Grim Muse', the third album by Polish death metal mavericks In Twilight's Embrace is now being streamed in full at NoCleanSinging. The record, being a sort of breach in the black metal-dominated scene in Poland, will be unleashed by Arachnophobia Records on 15th September. Containing 49 minutes of raw yet melodic death metal, 'The Grim Muse' is the band's most complete and defining work as of yet. To enter its eerie sonic reality, click here.

“Melodic death metal” may be the closest simple genre description for this music, but it’s also one that would be misleading to a lot of listeners, in part because there is considerable variety among the album’s 11 tracks and in part because the record’s overall atmosphere, like its name, is grim — and vicious. If we’re going to use that genre term, let’s at least call it Melodic DEATH Metal.

(…) The Grim Muse is an electrifying listening experience, and I hope it gets the attention it deserves, because it really is one of the highlights of 2015. It rekindles the excitement of the first time I heard Terminal Spirit Disease and Slaughter of the Soul without feeling like a re-tread, and that’s an accomplishment worth praising” - states Ilias Lander of in the review of In Twilight's Embrace third work and he does not exaggerate.

Have a grim yet enjoyable listening experience then.
Let the grand breach expand!


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