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Friday, September 11, 2015

Chiral - Night Sky out now

Night Sky, the 2nd full-length album by the Italian one-man act Chiral, is out today. Released independently by the band, it features 5 tracks of emotional atmospheric black metal with dreamy atmospheres, fast blast beats, harsh screams and folk moments.

The album is available for free download at Chiral’s website.
Or in a sumptuous digifile limited edition CD at Chiral’s webstore.

Tracklisting and full streaming below.
1. My Temple of Isolation
2. Nightside I: Everblack Fields
3. Nightside II: Sky Wonder
4. The Morning Passage
5. Beneath The Snow And The Fallen Leaves

Full streaming here.

Read an interview with Chiral and some reviews hereherehere and here.

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