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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Camelot/Nightprowler split CD „Stranger in the Twilight/Nightprowler” cover, tracklist, release date: 30th October 2015

The release date of the Camelot/Nightprowler split album „Stranger in the Twilight/Nightprowler“ on CD is October 30th, 2015. The pre-order phase will start on October 16th, 2015 in the webshop of Pure Steel Records.


While Camelot from Wuppertal/Germany were active, they only released one mini-album. This album is a good example of German 80s Heavy Metal, although the cover artwork is really uninspired. “Young Man”, the first song on the album, is catchy and powerful. But you will have to ignore the bad pronunciation, which is typical of many German albums in the 80s. “Working Hard”, the first song on the B-side, is again a very catchy Metal song, which is the second highlight on this mini-album. The final “I’m a Tramp” is also on a good level. The way the band plays is very refined and their compositions are convincing. If Camelot had had a record label as support, they definitely could have been more successful.


Nightprowler from Dusseldorf/Germany had as little success as Camelot. But their 1986 maxi-single is nevertheless very sought after. Both EP-songs “Attention” and “Nightprowler” are typical examples of the imitation of the British scene and they are definitely a must for all NWoBHM-fans. The bonus tracks on this CD are early demos and live-gigs and show a band, which has assimilated influences from Motörhead and Warfare. Thy vinyl definitely contained the most refined and promising songs of Nightprowler. Unfortunately there were no other releases of this band.


1. Young Man
2. You Came For Me
3. Working Hard
4. I'm a Tramp

5. Attention
6. Nightprowler
7. Truck Driver (Bonustrack)
8. Rock'n'Roll Lady (Bonustrack)
9. S.O.B. (Bonustrack, Live)
10. Alcohol (Bonustrack)
11. The Letter (Bonustrack Live)
12. Black Sheep (Bonustrack)
Total Playing Time: 54:32 min


Harry Rein – vocals Michael
Rokker – drums
Claus Riedel – bass
Ronnie Rodney – guitars
guest musician Benedikt Koch – keyboards
Holger vom Scheidt – backing vocals

Max Steglich – vocals
Ringo Nischak – bass
Udo Marsch – drums
Uwe Kunze – rhythm guitars
Tucky Ptak – lead guitars

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