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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Swamp & Fetid Zombie set to release split cassette


Greece's black thrash band Swamp and U.S. based death thrash band Fetid Zombie have teamed up alongside Morbid Visions Music to release a new split cassette "Necromantic Passages" featuring new music from both bands. "Necromantic Passages", set to be released in a limited edition this coming September 14th, will include three newly recorded tracks from each band along with artwork designed by long established artist Mark Riddick.

For the first half of the split Swamp offers up two new barbaric hymns of raw and uncompromising blackened death / thrash invoking the true spirit of underground metal, as well as an excellent cover of Tormentor's "Tormentor I". The recording for these tracks took place at Vision of Sound Studio in Ioannina, Greece with help from Thomas Nastos during the mixing process.

The cult is alive!

Fetid Zombie pay homage to the early 90's Greek metal scene on the final few tracks of the split with three new atmospheric Death Metal hymns. Recordings and mixing for these tracks were completed at Dungeon 325 in Leesburg, Virginia (U.S.). Although a solo project at heart Fetid Zombie's lone member Mark Riddick often enlists well known guest musicians, on this release guest appearances by members of Absu, Soulskinner and Where Evil Follows can be found. Fetid Zombie aim to achieve Death Metal in the most classic sense while bringing to the table traditional heavy metal elements showcasing Riddick's broad appreciation for the music he has been dedicated to for the better part of the last twenty five years.

The "Necromantic Passages" split cassette will be available for purchase on the Riddick Art Big Cartel webpage starting September 14th.

Cover art (Mark Riddick) and track listing can be found below.

A promotional video for the split release can be seen below.

Side 1: Swamp
1. Lunar Fantasies (05:12)
2. Tormentor I (04:22)
3. Inside the Catacomb of the Undead (04:19)

Side 2: Fetid Zombie
4. Nymph of Tartarus (07:51)
5. Oracle of Death (05:37)
6. Laid to Rot (04:03)

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