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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Stellar Master Elite releases details and trailer for third album

The mysterious sounds of Germany’s Stellar Master Elite has called forth another message from the void, which names itself III: Eternalism - The Psychospherical Chapter. Drawing from the bitter harshness of cosmic black metal and the leviathan immensity of doom metal, the quartet unveil a majestic hour-long ride into an exploration of eternalism.

Recorded at Studio E/Sonic Room by Markus Stock and Sebastian Schneider, and mastered at Temple Of Disharmony, the album sounds phenomenal and punchy while giving room for the swirling synths, while the artwork by Paolo Girardi and layout by Mentalporn completes the whole package beautifully.

The band have unveiled a trailer for the album, viewable below.

The tracklisting is set as follows:
1. Transmission: Disruption
2. Desperate Grandeur
3. Buried in Oblivion
4. Perdition Time Loop
5. Hologram Temple
6. The First Principle
7. Mark of the Beast
8. Eternalism
9. Downfall

Stellar Master Elite are:
D.F. - Guitars, MS20, Prophet 12, Sub 37, Monotron Delay, Juno 60, Nebulophone, Percussion on track 4
M.S. - Drums and Percussion, Vocals on track 7
E.K. - Vocals
T.N. - Bass

Guests on this record:
Schwadorf - Vocals and Percussion on track 4
Shahaf Ostfeld - Throat singing on track 1

Official website

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