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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Review: Horrendous - Anareta

This death metal trio from the USA, brings the sound of death metal alive, the old school is back and how. This band is a perfect example of how things can be played without the note that slower paced not means that there is a lack of capabilities. They make more use of tempo changes then the fast bands nowadays, that is one of the pleasures of listening to this album !

In this genre that is milked dry for years there are still bands that tend to keep it exiting and still they play the music what they like, and it is great to hear this release.

The originality drips from all the pores, the singing is like Martin van Drunen a little rawer, the guitar parts are just as great, bass lines are awesome..they know their instruments well as also their composing, you'll never know what comes and that diversity is not usual anymore.

The atmosphere is just great, the end of borders are searched and they never loose control. Just groovy and raw, faster paced and technical on a great level, they make the genre richer and the proove that it is still possible to create something that still is timeless as death metal needs to be.

I can say a lot over every song but that would be a waste of words, all their songs have things like transitions and tempo changes that when listened to it for 50 times you know what special things are in there to remember the song and the album, which is inevitable.

It is just a fantastic third release (and a demo) from the guys and they have the line upwards in their abilities and recordings. This kind of releases are keeping the neccesary quality in to keep it on fire. An awesome release !

Written by Ron van Coevorden


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