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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kylesa stream new track Shaping The Southern Sky

Critically-acclaimed rock/sludge band Kylesa are streaming "Shaping the Southern Sky", the second new track off their highly anticipated, forthcoming album 'Exhausting Fire'. Check it out below.

'Exhausting Fire' will be released by Season of Mist on October 2nd. Pre-orders for the album will be available across several CD and LP formats at the Season of Mist shop.

Regarding the new album, Kylesa vocalist/guitarist Phil Cope comments: "'Exhausting Fire' is an album we really put our hearts on our sleeves for. We’ve always done that, but emotionally, it’s probably the most honest and raw album we’ve ever done.”

“No band sounds like us and we don’t sound like any other band", guitarist/vocalist Laura Pleasants continues. "After all these years of experimenting with different styles and sounds, we’ve really developed our own thing and I can faithfully say that we sound like us. With this album, we’ve successfully made a record that incorporates all the elements we’ve always played with into a record that works on its own.”

The album artwork and track list for 'Exhausting Fire' can be found below:

Track List:
1. Crusher
2. Inward Debate
3. Moving Day
4. Lost and Confused
5. Shaping The Southern Sky
6. Falling
7. Night Drive
8. Blood Moon
9. Growing Roots
10. Out Of My Mind
11. Paranoid (bonus track)


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