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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Archaea unleash a powerful Catalyst, and a new live video

Gothenburg thrash/melodic death metallers Archaea have unleashed their powerful début album Catalyst, which the kind souls at Heavy Blog Is Heavy are premiering. They also have filmed a live set performing at Emergenza, and the first song “Cryosphere” has been unveiled over at No Clean Singing!

Commenting on the album, Heavy Blog stated: “It’ll feel refreshing to all listeners to hear something that’s been a staple for so long get a little facelift. They are definitely on the right path towards achieving legions of disenchanted melodic death fans the world over.”

Meanwhile, NCS praised the video, saying: “Nils Bossius has a savage vocal delivery. The song [Cryosphere] has some tasty riffs that will get your head moving. And the band do a nice job mixing things up, changing the pace and the volume and combining melodic keyboard interludes, ass-kicking grooves, swirling guitar leads, and thrashing riffage to create a dynamic listening experience.”

Stream the album here.

Stream the video here.


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