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Monday, June 29, 2015

Scandinavian black metallers Nordjevel reveal track and video from debut full-length album

Although as a band Nordjevel is a newcomer to the scene, the individual musicians definitely are not. With a lineup that includes Djevel (Svartelder, Doedsvangr) on vocals, Nord (Fatal Impact, Byrdi) on guitars and bass, and Fredrik Widigs on drums, Nordjevel have not wasted any time in getting down to writing and recording material for their debut full-length album. Nor have they wasted any time in allowing fans to have a taste of what to expect from this combination of Norwegian and Swedish musicians, and have today debuted the track "Denne Tidløse Krigsdom", which can be heard below.

Nordjevel, which translated means Northern Devil, was formed by Djevel and Nord earlier this year, when, after having had various conversations, they found that their views on black metal, the Occult and the origins of Norway were perfectly in synch. When the idea of the band was mentioned to Swedish drummer Fredrik Widigs, he was interested enough to join the lineup. Although his commitments to his other projects preclude him from committing to appearing live with the band, he will nevertheless be a full-time studio member of Nordjevel and contribute significantly to writing and arranging the music along with Djevel and Nord.

The band are currently in the pre-production stage of their debut album, which will be titled "Djevelen I Nord" and includes guest appearances from Troll's Nagash amongst others. A label is currently being sought.

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