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Monday, June 29, 2015

Review: Unleash The Archers - Time Stands Still

In november 2007 the base for the band started, when Buchanan and Slayes started to form their band to play melodical metal. After various line-up changes it looks if the band has the strong line-up they want.

Their two full length releases and an EP brings us to their third full length, Time Stands Still. Musically it is more than power metal, tending to get some death metal influences in it, which makes it suitable for an even wider public.

They open after an intro with the song "Frozen Steel" and they make immediately clear what they can with their instruments, and besides the music they got a lead singer with power and reach, and not only a nice face but what a voice she has. The guys that surrounds this power throated woman are more than capable to get this band on the stage that they are now.

A strong structured first song is what they deliver, with fancy guitar work and the vocals and screams of a passioned Slayes. "Hail of the Tide" is full of breaks and solo's played in rapid speed and the collaboration of the two six stringers is phenomenal, their leads are just of great craftsmanship just like the rest of the guitarworks.

"Tonight we Ride" is sounding evil on parts which breaks the "normal" sound very well.

The song "Test Your Metal" is a great ode to the older Judas Priest and colleagues, this song will bring you back when this music was in their high tide, which never has gone of course.

It is just too much to go on over every song, it hits just the right quality with some great darker passages to death metal but the overall sound is great composed metal with a great singer!

The production is smooth, every little thing is just correct. It has the feeling but never loses the brutality of playing fast paced metal. Drums are not innovative but does the job perfectly, bass is just an integral part of the band and makes this the best release of the band. With every release they get even better/matured in the style they play. A very great addition when liking this style of metal, quality is very high and that is what you expect of this band and they just delivered with this release.

Written by Ron van Coevorden

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