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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Review: Titans Eve - Chasing The Devil

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, here is Titans Eve. Their latest full-length Chasing The Devil is just released on June 12. If you like thrash, this might be something you dig, but it isn't standard thrash.

With vocals which are more hardcore-sounding than thrash-sounding and music which is thrash, but also very melodic, the music Titans Eve make isn't just thrash metal. I would call it melodic thrash, but you have to listen for yourself. Songs like No Kingdom and Another Day might let you think that they are heavy, but after a while the melodic parts come by. The thrash spirit is still there, especially in the heavier parts of drums and guitar. Vocally, I already said, it is more hardcore-sounding and that's especially because of it is more shouting, in a hardcore way, not in a thrash way. The vocals, the melodic parts, together with the fact that there are much guitar solo's in it, makes this a very special album. It is thrash, but it is not normal thrash.

You want to hear some thrash metal, but different from other thrash metal? Go listen to Chasing The Devil by Titans Eve.

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