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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Review: Sounds of Fury - Mediocracy

This Swiss band are playing death metal. This is their second release, their first album 1.0 is a bit rougher around the edges. But Mediocracy is very well played death metal.

A quick look over the titles, you will think first thought the titles they play grind, the soceity is going backwards and the first song is "Pedagogy Fuck Fest" and they immediately kick in with some blastbeats and their technicality over the instruments. Which represents death metal in purest form. They like to play technical and on the edges of "normal" death metal.

The speed is quite fast paced and they keep it in the same trend in all of their songs.

The ability of the guys is definitely on the album present. There will be death metal fans that really love it, but the straight forward death sound is maybe the "thing" that is killing the great potential of the band.

They stick to much to their thing and you can hear the potential in the breaks and the brilliant pieces, but just to less to call it a masterpiece of fine quality and maybe ashame because it is recorded in Stage One Studio by Andy Classen. On the sound there is seriously nothing to complain but it is just missing that little bit of extra.

In the modern era of death metal it is just too mainstream to stand out of all the outcoming releases.

The titles are great and would love to see the lyrical themes and maybe get that extra feeling with it.

Nevertheless played well and the almost 40 minutes are filled with varied speed, almost everything is uptempo to blastbeats so the speedfreak will get his thing out of Sounds of Fury's Mediocracy.

Written by Ron van Coevorden


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