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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Review: Cult of Endtime - In Charnel Lights

These Finnish lads play sluggish doomy death, in the right sense of the words, a mix of Swedish sounding heavy sledge in your face type with some faster bits to keep it interesting. The heavy riffing is very great, they suck you in a trance of pounding brick in the face becoming in swinging for the heads tempo's.

They open with a blast on "a Vast cosmic Horror" and flows over in melancholy grippeling doom and sounds heavy as the whole 75.000 tons of metal to set the listener on a path for death. Swinging tempo's are used in "Cairns on Mercury" to melodic doom.

The songs are good, not one truly outstanding from the rest but in "Hidden Gods" I hear Cathedral sounding. It's diverse and it drags you by the throat along the way as the band shows the nice things about slower evil Finnish cadaveric metal. All the songs got there moment to keep you interested and want to know what the next song brings.

They use a traditionally aimed evil sound to keep the fire burning and they do it with slow passion and they succeed. As the early nineties showed, and these guys are just ripped out of that era and pumped blood in the veins that once were frozen.

Nice vocals, dark deep and evil. Guitars are downpitched and sounds heavy as hell, nice drummer, the guy is keeping everything together and although slow he has it. Production is good and listens great. For the likers of era of the early Grave this is a release worth to listen.

With some luck they get the injection that really blows life into this band and that a nice label can and they will bring hell to the world on the hard and heavy way this release is.

Written by Ron van Coevorden


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