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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Review: Corpse Garden - Entheogen

The second full length release from the Costa Rican death metallers is in the line upwards. What in their first album the weaker points where, they evolved in this one, Entheogen (a chemical substance, typically of plant origin, that is ingested to produce a nonordinary state of consciousness for religious or spiritual purposes.) says it all, it is a strong follow up on their debut. They have evolved, if you are listening to their debut then this then it is the best way to achieve the second full length !

They open with "Quantum Rapture", the song is provided with power and a good dose of aggression mixed with technical and not over technical prowess. Song structure is great and not over done. With some interesting breaks it is a worthy opener.
The song "Suspended over the Abyss" is melodic and just grabs you and draw you in the song. The spheres they create are melancholic but still they throw in great riff's, and not to many solo's but what they do is of quality.
The oldschool death metal riffing they use is great, the harmonics of the guitar players are very nice.
The mix of styles is audibly, atmospheric like "Cosmic Sea" of Death, then becoming sensitive in soloistic clear material and with a nice bridge to pounding Cannibal Corpse sounding death metal. You will hear the technical ability but they do not overdo it.
The song "Sulphur" is starting furiously, the song structure is catchy with the right emotions for this kind of music.
It is also enjoyable that it is not all over pummeling of riff's and drums and after a number of songs it gets annoying. They have a variety to get the listener still on the edge of listening. The song "The first Incarnation", no 9 on the album, is beginning at high speed with sharp sounding solo's and pulls you in a vacuum of listening. Corpse Garden keep their songs varied enough to not lose interest halfway.
The bass solo on the end of the song Red Pulvis Solaris is a nice bonus to a great song itself and the intentions of the guys on this production !

If you like the consistent deep but natural growls then you will like this, the bass player is doing some great things, what a bit the abscence was on their debut, they learned very well. Guitar technically strong and nothing to complain about. Drums are good and the overall the mix is very good. The line-up change did the band good, they improved on all the things known to death metal and therefore a nice asset to a death metal collection!

Written by Ron van Coevorden

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