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Monday, June 29, 2015

Review: Civil War - Gods And Generals

The ex Sabaton guys that chosen to go on the same warpath as their former band. They are adopting the same musical approach when they were in their former band. In this field of war there is always room, but if it is a wise decision they will see. The civil war era and war theme is nice, not very original but the proven recipe of war is hot as Sabaton still proves.

The musical abilities on this album are shown great, their debut "The Killer Angels" is in the same way only this one is a bit better on all parts.

Guitar technical it is great, the collaboration between the both guitarists is super, solo's are great and catchy riffs complete the sound. The bass parts are one of the things that makes this release very good. The keyboards are in full throttle. The pumping and powerfull drums are driving the band forward and the singer brings UDO in mind and he does that with power and skill.

The song structures are very nice, the chorusses catch the attention. Maybe a bit more interesting Sabaton, at least the music is not less in comparison to their former band.

The album theme is of course war, from generals to the Viking-saga's to the true civil war, a wide scala of war and battlefields they have chosen.

The songs carry their own elements to enhance the song's theme. The song "Schindler's Ark" is bombastic and epic with the background vocals doing the trick of making clear exactly what they want, an epic song.

It is for all to choose their favorite songs, they have strong songs and somewhat lesser songs but overall it is almost an hour of finest Swedish heavy metal and that is exactly what "Civil War" gives you on this album.

The only little thing of the photo's and videos of Civil War are that the use of uniforms can be taken seriously offensive in some region's on earth, United States especially. The talk of today the flag of the confederation is now a thing where they need to be a bit careful with.

For the fans of the musical brother or the clone that is for you to say, a glory ride of just a predecessor copy, their intentions are fighting so just enjoy the musical capabilities of Civil War and see where the warships end on who's shore.

Written by Ron van Coevorden

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