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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Review: Awe / Vacantfield / End - Moerae

Three Greek black metal bands, Awe, Vacantfield and End, together made a split called Moerae. Below is the review of the split which contains one track a band.

Awe - Clotho

Greek black metal brings me back to Varathron and Necromantia, but Awe has the "modern" sound. Raw and fast for the majority, varied with some easy going intermezzo's. They developed a sound in which diversity is there, raw with screaming vocals, midtempo and clean vocals. The sound Awe has is like the early Deathspell Omega with the vocals of Mortuus Funeral Mist. The production is very good, they know their instruments well and it is an evil easy listener...

Vacantfield - Lachesis

Vacantfield open with a sound that is very familiar with “Cadaver - Necrosis”, at least they make it more to real rawer black metal. The pace is fast and not blasting but nice to still follow what they do. The variety in vocals is again from screaming to grunting and clean vocals and the use of samples to create an evil atmosphere. The point of black metal evoluated it is what Vacantfield brings, a nice mix of pacey black metal without rest, sometimes becoming slower and evil. The quality of the production is very well and polished but they not give in at brutality.

End - Atropos

The release of End starts slower and more atmospheric then the first two. Vinterland is maybe the sound of End goes to less melodical but they gain on that part more on rawness. End is less evolved then the first two, but they keep it more on the traditional level, with influences from “Vinterland” and some parts “Enslaved” and that brings a certain real vintage black metal. Production is again good, quality of playing is very well and just like the previous two Greek bands they are good, no numbers but above average is the conclusion.

Written by Ron van Coevorden

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