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Monday, June 29, 2015

In Vain "The Little Things That Matter" - cover, tracklist, release date: 31st July 2015

The release date of the In Vain album „The Little Things That Matter“ on CD is July 31st, 2015. The pre-order phase will start on July 17th, 2015 in the webshop of Pure Steel.

With In Vain, formed in 2004 in Madrid, Spain, there is yet another band in our publishing sector. They’ve already released their third Album „The Little Things That Matter“ at the end of 2014 independently.

Thanks to straight, hymnic sing-along parts, rich and straight forward doublebass drums, powerful and sublime vocals and skilled twin-guitars, the Spanish quintet is able to cast a spell over every studded metalhead bursting with leather. The clear, transparent production and outstanding songwriting in the manner of teutonic legends like Running Wild, Grave Digger and more meets Mediterranean spontaneity, which gave a new spirit to the scene in the last few years!

In Vain deserve every support of all traditional headbangers; including gigs on festivals like Keep It True, Headbangers Open Air and more!

1. No Future For The World
2. Dragon Huntress
3. From Your Cradle To My Grave
4. Serenity Valley
5. The Ballad Of Lucifer
6. Guardian Angels
7. King In The North
8. Pipa's Song
9. The Last Waltz
Total playing time: 40:40min

Daniel Cordón - vocals, guitars
Teo Seoane - drums
Daniel B. Martín - lead guitar
Mario Arredondo - bass


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