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Friday, May 29, 2015

Review: See The Sky - Ego Rehab

Heavy music surrounded by dreamy passages. No, it is not about atmospheric black metal, in fact it is about something totally different. Something you won't hear often. It is about a very unique, experimental metal band called See The Sky from Denmark. They will bring you their new album Ego Rehab on July 3th via Mighty Music.

Opening with a 10-minute long track is risky, but See The Sky does perfect with their one, The Narcissist. With this song you'll keep concentrated, because there is so much music in it. This will promise very good things for the rest of the album. Ego Rehab is full of experimental metal music, but also has its more non-experimental metal tracks. But in those tracks you hear that the experimental feeling still is there. Vocally it changes from clean singing to deep grunting, but it both fits very nicely. See The Sky takes everything out of Ego Rehab and they are doing it great.

You want to hear something totally different of most bands? Go listen to See The Sky's Ego Rehab. If you are open for very experimental, good metal music, you'll love it!

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