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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Review: George Kollias - Invictus

I believe that in the death metal scene, George Kollias doesn’t need much introduction. He is one of the most outstanding drummers, and usually plays with death metal band NILE. “Invictus” is his first solo album, released on the 18th of May.

“Invictus” is composed of 11 tracks and 4 bonus songs, which are alternative versions of Aeons of Burning Galaxies, Voices, Epitaph and Apocalypse (not reviewed here though). The album kicks off with a short intro song. In the 10 remaining tracks, Kollias finds the perfect balance between slower, atmospheric and faster, brutal passages within his songs, and rounding them up into something that surely can be called a timeless death metal album. The personal favorites are “Voices” and “Apocalypse”. It is impressive in my opinion that George not only recorded the drums here, but also wrote all lyrics and played all the other instruments as well. Thus, “Invictus” is a true solo album. Nevertheless, some guest musicians appear on it as well, for example from his band NILE or from Rotting Christ.

Conclusion: as expected, “Invictus” is a true masterpiece. You can clearly tell that George Kollias is a perfectionist and a master of his genre, as every detail is thought through, and the production of and the technique on this album are excellent. Nothing negative comes to mind, so: go on and listen to it already!

Written by Julia Obenauer

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