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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Review: Epsilon - Zu Richten

“Zu richten” is the second full-length album of Austrian quintet Epsilon. Packed with eleven songs, partly in English, partly in German, this longplayer is going to be released on the 8th of June via Mighty Music.

“Explicit enough?” is what we’re asked right in the beginning. Surely enough it is, a true death metal track that is fast and brutal right from the start. This is preserved throughout the entire album, with some more varieties here and there. “Ein zarter Hauch von Menschlichkeit”, for example, is somewhat more Rock’n’Roll-y, and “Im Namen Gottes” a purely instrumental track. Technically, Epsilon is very good, and the production is of very high quality. Lyric-wise, the songs resolved around the topics of mankind’s self-perception, ethics, moral and animal rights. This is also reflected in the cover artwork, specially designed for the album by Austrian artist Roman Träxler. A nice touch, in my opinion, is that Epsilon use both German and English for their lyrics –this bilingual approach adds some more variety to the album.

Overall, the guys from St. Pölten provide us with a strong piece of work, which reminds in its style of the early Entombed. Good album, mainly recommended for fans of death metal with some affinity to philosophy and ethics.

Written by Julia Obenauer


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